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Accounting Services for Start-Ups

The problems of founders, organizers and top managers also remain the same. You have forgotten the main principles mentioned above.

Various experts around the world have observed and confirmed that founders / managers usually do not pay attention to planned budgets and regularly monitor them, which is causing the problem. It is also very easy to hire accountants for contractors at

The best habits are raised at a young age, and we strongly recommend that all entrepreneurs focus on bookkeeping and bookkeeping from day one and monitor various parameters on a monthly (if not weekly) basis.

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Some of the most important parameters are listed below:

Revenue: Revenue is the "real" amount that flows into your account. (Even if you do get hit with the GMV bug, paying attention to "real" earnings is a must.)

Operating expenses: This includes salaries, office rent, electricity, administrative costs, etc.

Marketing costs: You may want to take into account the marketing representative salary you have dedicated to the marketing representative

Claims: Many "profitable" companies fail simply because of poor debt management. Please remember that the money in your bank is "real" money

Money in Account: If in less than 10 months (minimum minimum) your bank account shows the cash equivalent of the amount you need to start operations at the same rate, it's time to panic. So increase your income, optimize your expenses, or raise funds.