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All About Hiking Gear

As an adventurous tourist, at some point, you will need a lot of equipment – camping gear, backpacking equipment, hiking gear and more. 

Here is the list of important hiking accessories:

Layers of clothing – This will keep you dry without getting heavy. REI, Capilene, and Patagonia have a good selection of upper and lower body clothing, including underwear and socks.

Hiking Gear

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Drinking water –  For a hike of less than 1 hour, clear water should be fine. However, consume sports drinks with electrolytes such as Gatorade or its equivalent for more than 1 hour or in very hot conditions. If you want electrolytes without the sweet taste of a sports drink, grab the Vitamin & Mineral drink mix booster, which is available in separate serving packs. 

Sunglasses: Choose optical lenses that are not too dark for shadows. If you have a "dark" lens, you won't see well if you're under a tree canopy or in low light. 

Flashlight: If there is a remote opportunity to be trapped in the dark, get a light. Consider an LED flashlight. Get the best flashlight that's durable, reliable. These are the best for maximum light, battery life, lightweight, and reliability. 

They even come with an alarm setting (SOS). It's always a good idea to have a spare battery with you in case the flashlight suddenly runs out of power. You can even search online for more information about hiking gears.