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Avocado : The Delicious Fruit

It is believed that the Avocado is a fruit that's one of the tops for its rich nutritional content. The fruit could surpass apples in staying away from the doctor.

Avocado is packed with around 300 calories packed with nutrients and each one contains vitamins K, D, C, E, and B, in addition to an array of trace and primary minerals. You can also buy premium high-quality avocados online.

A single tree can yield as many as 600 Avocados every year. Therefore, an Avocado a day could be easily achieved.

The average Avocado contains a lutein content of 81 micrograms, which is beneficial for eyesight health due to its polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. It is believed that Avocado is a great alternative to foods that are high in saturated fats.

As the fruit with the most protein over any other,, the Avocado can be very beneficial to everyone of any age. It is also a great source of protein. Avocado is also recommended by the Heart Foundation as a healthy food choice.

It is believed that the Avocado originates from both south and central America and is often referred to by the name of Alligator Pear due to the Alligator skin texture, and pear-shaped shape.

The first "Father" for the new Zealand avocado industry is Len Grey of Gisborne. In 1926, his orchard was given certain Avocado seeds from the New Zealand Department of Agriculture and by 1935, they were producing fruit.

The industry is now seeing Avocados being sold locally and exported all over the world. In 2010, the Avocado was the third-largest New Zealand fresh fruit exporter with sales of $67m.