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Benefits of Owning a Boat Lift

Boat lifts serve a number of important functions in the preservation and maintenance of your boat. If you dock a boat on the water, it’s extremely likely to sink within a short period of time; boat lifts prevent this from happening by providing a way for you to store your vessel out of the water when it’s not in use.

While having a boat lift is only a small part of your overall boating expense, it can greatly reduce bottom-line costs by keeping it safe all year round. As a boat owner, you must hire a boat lift service through

With a boat lift, you can do fewer repairs and far less maintenance on your watercraft. Plus, it adds to the enjoyment of the day when you can get right on it and zoom away in only minutes.  

Storing a boat in the water is one of the main causes of damage below the water line and can contribute to many other problems that your boat encounters. Harsh weather conditions in which the water levels shift or where debris is present can cause a lot of stress on your boat that shortens its life, not to mention wet storage causes hull blisters and other damages to props and shafts.

Algae is a very big concern if you wet store your boat. Keeping your boat above the waterline creates an environment in which algae will not grow and corrosion can be avoided, meaning you will not have to waste time scrubbing algae off or getting a new paint job.