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Eco-Friendly Engineered Wood Flooring – A Revolution

Engineering wood floors are new and innovative products that combine beautiful wood floors with eco-friendly ethics. The beautiful houses are equally important then you don’t need to compromise when it comes to engineering wood floors. You will not only feel that you do a little for the environment but you will also be able to choose from many colors, design and finish too.

Engineering BSP Floors are available in various designs. There are four different styles that resemble a board that you usually find on real wood floors. 

Engineered Wood Flooring vs Different Types - Hardwoodfloorstore

Premium options are one board which is the most popular type of engineering wood floor style. The next most popular tends to be a special style. It looks like two shorter boards so it looks more like a solid wood floor. 

There are so many different choices such as Oak, Elm, Cherry, Alder, Acacia, Walnut, Hornbeam, Beech Steamed, Maple, Birch, Beech, and Ash. The wood color you choose will depend on the interior scheme and your personal preference. Of course, different homes lend themselves to different wood.

Modern houses with a minimalist look will look amazing with the walnut floors while older houses look great with oak. The beauty of the engineering wood floor is you can even choose the finish you want. 

There are several different solutions such as oiled, unsubmissive, smoking, not smoking, lacquered, and not lacquered. The advantage of having your wood floor oiled is going to stay longer and will also slow down the aging process so you can keep the color that you originally bought. 

Having your wooden floors is lacquered to protect it and make it last longer even though some people prefer to have a more natural look to their wood floor .