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Guided Meditation – Things to Know

For people who find it difficult to do personal meditation, guided meditation can proven to be a perfect alternative. This is a kind of meditation that involves getting a pointer from meditation partners to achieve relaxation conditions. There are several types of guided meditations. Some involve the partner telling a relaxing story to the other person. Others will ask the partner to give instructions to others to help them achieve calm circumstances.

You can also find the best guided sleep meditation. However, there are some general reminders in carrying out guided meditation.  In most cases, guided meditation is best done in the morning or evening. During these times, the environment is quiet. For people who want to get into the practice quicker, twice a day meditation may prove to be helpful. Likewise, to make the environment more peaceful, casual music can be played. A scented incense can also be turned on to refresh the air.

Second, in choosing a partner, it would be better to choose someone from the opposite gender. Because the whole process involves the partner talking to the person doing the meditation, it would also be best to choose someone who has a soft and pleasing voice. Before the process of guided meditation began, the partners must start focusing on their breathing. It can be better achieved with a partner sitting in front of each other and in an upright position.

Once prepared, the guiding partner can start assisting the other person to focus on a certain element. The best example would be a ball of bright light shining on the other person like a sun. It is a symbol of healing for most people. Next, the partner should try to make the other person feel the element in focus. In this case, the bright light can be imagined to penetrate the body of the other person. This way, the healing warmth can more likely be felt. Once the partner is already able to feel the focus element, other elements, such as color, can be put into the picture.