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Guidelines For Using Express Lanes

Express Lanes are new lanes that will be built alongside the existing public line to allow drivers to choose a more reliable journey at a certain cost. Toll prices are set for traffic management and having the right number of vehicles on track to ensure reliable and shorter travel times. You can also know more about express lanes through various online sources.

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On some express lanes, fees may vary based on congestion. As traffic increases, costs increase to ensure that the route is always a permissive alternative for travelers. On the other hand, the levy fee is reduced when the traffic on the lane is reduced. Drivers will always be charged the fee stated on the sign above when they enter the toll road. Below are some guidelines for using express lanes.

-Be alert and obey all directions, signs, lane markings, and speed limits.

-Tolls are collected electronically, so drivers paying tolls must have and present a SunPass transponder available from Publix, CVS pharmacies, or Turnpike.

-If you accidentally sign up for 95 Express Railways and are not a registered 95 Express Free user or SunPass customer, you will still have to pay the fee. 

-If you have an accident on the motorway or your car breaks down, pull over to your left shoulder if possible and press *FHP (*347) on your phone. The operator will assist you and send assistance. Wait in your car with the door locked. Do not stand behind your car or next to the lane.