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How to Perform Termite Inspections Task

Termite inspection is very important even if you don't have termites at home. Having them done every year is a good precautionary measure to prevent attacks on this structure destroyer insect. If you have a recent infestation, it is better to have regular termite inspections every three to four months.

Ideally, a professional must do commercial termite inspection. But if you are very interested in doing your own inspection then you can definitely do it with this guide.

1. Try to look for the mud surface seen on the wood surface. Termites eat wood and they try to patch or cover them with dirt or dirt they look like mud.

2. When termites fly around and crowding, they usually spill wings. Their wings are typically compared to moths. Usually, when termites infest your home, this wing is found in a large stack.

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3. Appearance of actual termites in wood or flock

4. The appearance of the termite tube or earth tunnel running on the ground of your backyard near the source of wood.

5. Hole on the wood surface. Burrow termites in Woods where they eat it.

6. Check the humid and dark area. Termites develop in humid areas and where they have abundant food sources, namely wood. Most types of termites live underground where the moisture is most abundant. Check the crawling, attic, plumbing pipe, pipe, and cabinets for the presence of termites and holes and sawdust.