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Importance Of Health Insurance Portability

People in South Carolina have become more aware of the benefits of health insurance and there are many providers. There are many options available to the policyholder who doesn’t have to stay with one insurance provider if they aren’t satisfied. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of South Carolina has a unique scheme i.e., the health insurance portability. What does this mean? Let's clarify.

What is Health Insurance Portability?

Portability in wellness coverage in South Carolina is the process by which an existing policyholder can transfer their policies from one provider to another. Customers can choose to have better service or a better product through portability. 

Health Insurance

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Qualitative Service:

You may feel that the service provided by a policyholder does not meet your expectations. In the rush to get a customer signed up, insurance providers often promise the moon, but then the reality hits and the customer discovers that the promises are empty. It's not worth continuing to have a bad relationship.

Increased Benefits:

You might come to realize that your current insurance provider's coverage is inadequate. After talking with them, it seems that they are doing the best they can. It may be a smart decision to switch providers if you need additional benefits or coverage.


General insurance companies offer health insurance policies as well as specialized insurance providers. You may find that your current provider is more focused on non-health insurance policies than you need. If this is the case, switching to a specialized company for health insurance might be a better option.