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Natural Sunless Tanning – Select The Best

Because of the threat of skin cancer, natural sunless tanning has become popular. While a "little sun" is beneficial, aiding your body to create necessary vitamins; however, extended basking might be dangerous to your health. Sunscreens are essential when going outside for any length of time. Following these sunless tanning tips will help your health.

You can buy self tanning products online also.

For some reason, a nice tan is considered healthy-looking. However, baking in the sun for that golden brown glow will increase your chances of skin cancer and cause premature wrinkling and age spots. The wrinkle factor alone should be the deciding factor for those interested in their appearance.

Luckily, here are a few sunless tanning tips to achieve a natural tanned look without the sun. Natural sunless tanning lotions or mousses are popular with the do-it-yourselfer.

Contemporary tanning products create a better natural-looking tan. The lotions are now tinted slightly so you could tell where you applied the tanning product to reduce streaking. There is also a sugar-based ingredient in the lotion that reacts with the pigments in the outer skin of the body to create a tan appearance. Your sunless tan could last anywhere from 3 – to 7 days, depending on how fast you shed dead skin cells.

Another option is a spa that offers a spray-on tan. The procedure would involve standing in an enclosed booth sans clothing or you could wear something that covers the special parts that you don't want anyone else to see. You protect your hair and any other area that you do not care for the tanning product to cover.

Then, you are sprayed with a tanning mist in one even application. Now and then, a spa technician might do an airbrush technique like painting a car. That takes more time and is far more intimate, yet, the results can be outstanding.