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Qualities Of The Best Bubble Hockey Tables

Bubble hockey can be played on tables as short as 9 feet and as long as 22 feet. In tournament play a 22 foot table is usually used in the United States. For home use, some of the best hockey tables may be in the 12 to 14 foot zone to accommodate a family room, but some smaller tables are available. You should buy a leading bubble hockey table to enhance your game experience.

The best game tables are usually made with a wooden surface or laminated wood covered with silicone. To keep the surface slick, a game table powder is used. The painted scoring lines are easily visible. 

The most attractive wooden tables are made with solid and kiln-dried wood, and they will have a polymer finish that will last a lifetime. These are considered some of the best game tables and what is typically used for family activity fun center play. 

There are models that are made much cheaper that are sufficient for home play, but they probably will not last nearly as long as the professional bubble hockey tables. The important thing to consider is that the best hockey tables will have lifetime warranties and will last for a very long time of play.