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Steps Involved In Installing Paint Protection Film

The protective varnish film is a thermoplastic urethane laminate usually available in rolls. The film is bonded to the surface of the vehicle with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Anyone who has worked with window tint film will immediately recognize the similarities between tinting films and protective films. They are almost identical except that the protective varnish film is transparent. You can get help from Professional Paint Protection Installers In Edmonton.

paint protection film

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The first step in application is to collect a tarpaulin material to protect the paint. Elements required are film, application solution, squeegee, and knife.

The next step is to measure and cut the film. Some manufacturers offer specially developed kits that come with custom-sized foil strips for specific car models. This is the recommended option as the parts need to be cut very precisely for the film to be applied properly.

Now is the time to prepare the car. The paint has to be perfect. Dirt or residue on the paint remains under the film and cannot be removed.

It is recommended that this procedure be carried out in a garage or other confined space to avoid contamination after the vehicle is clean. Also, all color errors at this point must be removed with the help of touch paints.

Now is the time to apply the film. Use the application solution to thoroughly moisten the area where the film will be applied. Remove the pad from the film and position it where you want it. It will also help to spray film while removing the pads.