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Antibody Therapy For Prostate Cancer

When we are infected by foreign cells such as bacteria, viruses or cancer cells, the most important protection is producing antibodies. All cells have proteins on their surface known as antigens. When foreign cells enter our body, antigens are recognized as foreign by our immune system and B lymphocytes are stimulated to produce antibodies. 

Once antibodies are made, they act by binding to and binding to the antigen on the surface of the attacking cell. This ultimately leads to cell damage and removal of infectious or cancerous cells. Antibodies are a very powerful weapon against disease. You can navigate to this website to have knowledge of antibodies.

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There are two important properties of antibodies that we can use in treating disease. For one thing, antibodies are very specific. For example, when we negotiate an infection like rubella, we produce antibodies that specifically target the rubella virus. The second characteristic is that after the infection is eliminated, the antibodies remain in our body and thus offer protection against the disease in the future.

These characteristics have led to the development of vaccination technology. Pharmaceutical firms take pathological organisms and treat them so they can't cause infection. These inactive organisms are the main ingredient in vaccines. When the vaccine is given, our immune system recognizes antigens, produces antibodies, and we become immune to future infections.

The cells that produce antibodies are B lymphocytes, which are white blood cells. 

One of the main advantages of using monoclonal antibodies is their absolute specificity. It directly targets cancer cells with few side effects for patients.