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What is a steel section size?

A steel section size is the nominal size of a piece of steel, usually expressed in meters. Steel sections are typically cut to predetermined sizes for various applications such as construction, engineering and manufacturing. If you find the steel section elements in the UK you may search online.


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What can steel section sizes be used for?

There are many things that a steel section can be used for, but in this article we will be looking at the different sizes and what they can be used for.

There are three main types of steel sections: A, B and C. A sections are the smallest and can be used for smaller items, such as bolts and screws. B sections are the medium size and can be used for larger items, such as beams and columns.

 C sections are the largest and can be used for the biggest items, such as bridges and skyscrapers.

When it comes to steel section sizes, there is lots of flexibility. 

They can be sized to suit any need, from small and thin to big and heavy. So whatever your project requirement, there is likely to be a suitable steel section size available.

Here are some examples of how steel section sizes can be used:

– For bolts and screws: A, B or C sections can all be used for this purpose

– For beams: A or B sections are ideal for this purpose

– For columns: B or C sections are the best option

– For bridges: Usually C sections are used because they have more strength than other section sizes.