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Car Detailing Tips for an Optimum Performance

Owning a car is perhaps the second biggest investment in a person's life. Undoubtedly, you want your journey to remain virgin. Besides maintaining the heart of the car, namely the engine, painting is equally important.

The condition of the painting reflects the general well-being of the car and, most importantly, how well the owner handles it. You can navigate to this website about the benefits of auto detailing services in NY.

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This is important for sales, as smooth painting gives the impression that the car is in good hands and thus gets a premium price. Read on as the vehicle detail tips listed below can get your precious car back in top condition for minimal costs.

First, pour plenty of car wash or, alternatively, dish soap into a bucket of water. Remember that dish soap is a powerful tool for removing grease, dirt, and grime. They are also good for painting and hand painting. Give your car during a wash, in tight places like door handles and even between the spokes of alloy wheels. 

The sound process follows. Spray the area with car wash mixture. You should then kneel on a small piece of clay that you can comfortably hold with your fingers and rub it into the area that was sprayed.

The next step is to apply nail polish to reduce hairline cracks. Use a circular motion to scrub the small area on top of the car, moving from front to back to the side of the car, and finish in an up and down motion. This polishing method is recommended by most Polish manufacturers.