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What To Get Someone Who Loves Cigars?

This list includes a variety of cigar gifts that you can get for the special smoker in your life. You'll find details on what makes each gift unique so you can better think about your choices. You can also buy the greatest cigar gifts through various online sources.

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1. Ashtray set

Any serious smoker will go crazy with this elegant ashtray set. Of course, they may have an ashtray, but they will appreciate the elegant set of ashtrays that have everything needed to enjoy their smoking session in one place. Some of these kits include an ashtray, cigar knife, stamp, and holder.

2. Humidor plus ashtray

What's better than an elegant set of ashtrays? Humidor with an ashtray. Be ready to be smothered with passion on this one. 

A cigar tool such as this is approximately standard. At its middle is the humidor where he can set his stogies and come back to meet them in great condition. 

There is a shelf above the humidor that they can slide to open the ashtray. 

3. Cigar travel case

A travel case made specifically to carry cigars is great if he is on the move a lot but still enjoys smoking during his travels. You can get this case in different styles to make it stand out and look unique.

Most suitcases have a compartment for a cigar, another for lighters, cutters, and a place for a passport.