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What Can Cult Films Can Teach Us About Turning Failure Into Success?

There are many people who are big fans of cult films, even though the reasons for their interest in these films are not quite what you might think. For most people, cult films are terrible failures and nothing more. 

Regardless of whether the failure was due to poor ticket sales and poor revenue, whether theatres were pulled out of the studio with a pulse or whether they were critically disseminated everywhere by critics, cult films were nothing more than an excuse to do so at the laughter of their spending. standing in front of the camera. If you are looking for best cult films visit

But is that really fair?

If you stop and think about the number of people working on a film, there are hundreds. Individuals go to Hollywood to make films, and when they start a project that comes to life on the big screen, they do it with pleasure. You never thought you would make a film so bad that it would be ridiculed for years. 

They're not working on a film to be insulted and spat on. They never actively seek out signs of embarrassment in their work. They make art, and it looks like a really weak blow to anyone who sits around and makes fun of it.

However, there is a "cult" label, and there has been a campaign in recent years to review certain films to see if they really deserve the hate they received during release. Some of these films were shown as part of college courses. Others have actually achieved financial success thanks to the home video market and overseas incomes.

 Some have lived in midnight screenings for decades and outlived critical pets they had ever watched from above. And others continue to give birth to whole religions.