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All About Video Cameras

Unless you spend a little money on a video camera, you will definitely have one with autofocus. Most people want autofocus because it sounds easy. Sometimes autofocus does make your life as a videographer easier.

But the reality is, autofocus can also be kingdom pain in the ass. If you don’t know how it works, autofocus can damage your video. You can also buy video camera tripod via

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Have you ever experienced the joy from an autofocus camera that can’t decide, so that with wildly switching focus every half second?

The autofocus camera guessed what you want in focus on parameters such as how far the subject of the lens was and where the subject was placed in the frame.

Camera engineers learn customer habits and they know people usually want anything in the middle of the screen to what is focusing on. So they program the camera to automatically focus on the middle image, six to ten feet away.

Of course, sometimes we humans like to be creative and befuddle designer cameras and their magical lenses.

Putting aside the automatic focus on small cameras is usually more problems than its value.

The autofocus lens works best when you have it in an area as widely as possible. In other words, enlarge all the way out.

Images will always focus with the enlarged lens along the way out because the wide-angle lens inherently has a very wide depth-of-field depth and there is no lens to think about.