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Many Benefits Of Leasing A Car In Singapore

When you rent, you are not paying the full value of the car, you are actually only paying a portion of the car's depreciated value over the lease term plus any finance fees the leasing company accrues for the transaction as opposed to the interest charged for obtaining the car loan. 

24 hours car rental in Singapore meets your travel needs in terms of the kind of needs you've been needing for a long time. With a car rental, you don't have to worry about a month or a short trip to different destinations.

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Here are some benefits of leasing cars.

Big savings: This whole process involves huge savings on multiple levels. While it can be more expensive than a car loan in the long run, you pay less monthly in the short term. The monthly installment amount for a car loan is much higher than a rental payment because you pay on a pro rata basis of the purchase price of the car plus interest, whereas with a lease you only pay the depreciation of the car plus the income from the financial institution .

Better vehicles and cheaper maintenance: Since your monthly payments will be much lower, you may be able to buy a higher-priced and therefore better car. But more importantly, because the lease lasts only a few years and the car is almost always new, you don't have high maintenance costs because newer cars tend to break down less often than old ones.

In addition, if the car breaks down, you can always ask for a replacement as the rental conditions require that you be provided with a properly functioning vehicle.