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How To Get The CE Marking Certification In UK?

CE marking on products is mandatory. This proves that it meets the minimum legal requirements of the relevant directives and can therefore be legally sold in every European member state. The CE marking makes it easy for your company to access the European market to sell your products without adjustment or verification.

With the CE mark you can sell your products in European Economic Area (EEA) countries. By implementing the requirements, you can also determine that your product is more secure and reliable; This reduces the risk of customer dissatisfaction. You can visit to get ce marking in UK.

Choose from the conformity assessment procedures provided in the instructions for your product. The guidelines often use a series of questions about the nature of the product to assess the level of risk and refer to a table called the “conformity assessment procedure”. The table also lists all the acceptable options that manufacturers can use to certify their products and apply the CE mark.

Select the appropriate product standards and testing methods for your product standards according to the notified bodies. Create an official representative in the European Union for your product. The technical documentation must contain all the necessary documents to demonstrate that the product meets all the technical requirements.

Prepare a declaration of conformity so that the product can be traced back to the manufacturer or an authorized representative in the European Union. Register your product in the EU. Affix CE certificate to your product after getting regulatory approval.