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Asbestos Removal Safety Tips

Aerial asbestos fibres are hazardous materials that are extremely dangerous to anyone who inhales them into the lungs. If you suspect or believe that the substances in your area are dangerous and need to be removed, experts recommend that you do the job with extreme caution or, alternatively, have the matter handled by professionals.

You can visit to know more about asbestos removal. During the process at least, make sure you comply with:

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– Limit the number of people entering the work area. Take steps to make sure you don't bring dangerous goods into your home in your work shoes.

– The person performing the discharge must wear the recommended breathing apparatus. You must use a disposable overalls that comply with the health and safety at work (WHS) regulations during the disposal facility.

– The workplace must be wet before starting work, and you must do it while working. This will reduce the chances of the fibers getting carried away in the air.

– Minimize the possibility of the material dissolving so that the fibre does not fall into the air. For example, when removing from the roof, do not drop the object, but lower it so that it does not break. Put down a suitable towel that will safely catch the asbestos that falls off.

– All asbestos removed must be placed in an airtight bag for safe disposal in the recommended location.

– After finishing work, be sure to wash your body parts and tools thoroughly. All items used for cleaning must be discarded and not stored for reuse.