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Why Choose Alcohol Detox Program In Orange County?

Many people don't fully understand the risks associated with alcohol detox. In some cases, without medical supervision, alcohol withdrawal can result in death. When withdrawal is managed through a supervised or medicated detox, the risks of death or serious illness are minimised. A residential stay is the easiest way to undergo a managed detox.

Supervised alcohol detox in a SoCal Detox  works by the body's dependence on alcohol being transferred to another substance. That other substance is then also gradually withdrawn. This method reduces the severe side-effects of alcohol withdrawal and eliminates alcohol toxins. This form of treatment is believed to be the most comfortable, safe and effective method of stopping drinking.

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Side effects can include sweating, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations and even life-threatening illness. Even if you do not choose residential alcohol detox, it is recommended that detox is always supervised by a medical professional in case of serious side effects. Detoxing can be very stressful.

Having support around you, can be highly beneficial. Professional staff understand what you are feeling and will be able to offer support and guidance to help you cope mentally as well as physically. A successful alcohol detox can form the building blocks for permanent abstinence from alcohol. With a steady start, and follow-up therapy and aftercare, many people find that a supervised detox helps them get and stay on track to stopping drinking.