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What Are The Different Types Of A Fire Alarm System?

Fire alarm system quietly protects you against the dangers of smoke inhalation. Although you might not use it until it alerts you to a potential fire in your home or workplace, it quietly works to protect you, your family, and/or your employees.

There are many fire alarm systems types, and each one can work in a different way to protect you.

  • An M alarm can be activated manually. These alarms are usually found in corridors, near stairwells, and close to emergency exits. This type of alarm is triggered by someone pulling on a lever. There is no technology to detect smoke or set off an alarm.

fire alarm systems

  • An L alarm is another type of fire alarm. This fire alarm system is responsible for protecting lives by detecting smoke and setting off an audible alarm. It often also has a flashing light that flashes brightly. 

This system offers occupants of buildings and homes the opportunity to escape before a flame spreads, which can lead to dangerous situations.

  • The P alarm is a fire alarm system that protects life and property. P alarm will sound to notify residents of possible fire and allow them to flee. P fire alarm system notifies local authorities and firefighters, which can dispatch units as quickly as possible. Firefighters should be able to arrive on the scene faster and have a greater chance of stopping the fire.

These are different types of fire alarms, depending on which type you have. Consider installing a fire alarm system.This is a huge step forward in protecting yourself, your family, and the people you work with.