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Types of Foldable Exercise Bikes

Folding exercise bikes are among the very best machines currently used in houses, and for very good reason. They are by far the finest choice for efficient cardio-respiratory exercise, especially the low impact type. As a matter of fact, the low impact type is probably the only method that truly provides any sort of workout that is truly effective on the entire cardiovascular system. However, you have to consider that they are also very good machines for losing weight and toning muscles. It just depends what you really want from the exercise bike.

There are many models of foldable exercise bikes that are available nowadays. The first one we will look at is the Stinson Beach Foldable Bike. This particular model has an incredibly padded seat, which adjusts in three different positions, namely the captain's seat, the regular seat, and the owner's seat. It also has an adjustable resistance system that ranges between one and two pounds. To further enhance the cardio workout capabilities, the seat is designed with grooves that target your abs and will help you tone up those muscles.

If you are more into mountain biking or even road biking, there are also foldable exercise bikes that you might want to take a look at. One example is the Kwick exercise bicycle. This particular model is designed particularly well and is great if you plan to do a lot of uphill cycling. This is because it has hydraulic brakes that will make it easier for you to stop when you encounter a hill. You can also lock the handlebars so that you won't accidentally go off course.

The next model we will look at is the Exerpeutic folding exercise bikes. This is basically similar to the Stinson Beach model; however, it comes with magnetic resistance. The foldable exercise bikes come in three variants: the magnetic, the air and the standard. It also has a reclining design that allows you to lay back while you work out.

If you are more into doing resistance exercises on the beach or on mountains, you can choose from the Magnetic Bike. It comes with both an electric and a manual braking mechanism. It also features an automatic seat height adjustment and an adjustable seat height. The seat has built-in display unit which show your speed, average speed and other metrics.

Lastly, we have the standard Exerpeutic bike. This is actually the oldest version of this brand and features the standard bicycle frame and a recumbent seat. However, this has been improved over the years and now features adjustable resistance with the magnetic resistance. Although not as popular as the previous two bikes, it does provide good value for the money spent.