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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments For Commercial Property

Environmental issues can be very complex. When examining environmental aspects, especially in commercial real estate cases, many real estate attorneys advise their clients to undertake what is called a Phase I environmental assessment. 

During a Phase I environmental assessment, an environmentalist searches the land and frequently visits the site looking for environmental concerns. You can also get more information about phase 1 environmental online via

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During Phase, I environmental assessments, environmentalists review topographic maps, district maps, and geological maps, and call on government experts familiar with the area to inquire about groundwater in the area, soil conditions, and associated contaminated sites. 

As part of their assessment, they scanned many of the items described above to see if there is any reason to believe that the property is continuously contaminated or may become contaminated in the future.

After the phase I environmental assessment, a report is generated. If a potential environmental problem is identified, the buyer withdraws from the real estate transaction or he can request a phase II environmental assessment from the property owner. 

During phase II environmental assessments, soil and possibly groundwater samples are often taken from the site, and samples are sent to a laboratory to determine whether environmental pollutants on the property are above legal limit values. You can even search online for more information about phase 1 environmental site assessments.