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Picking the Perfect Lamp

A lot of interior decorators and design stores like to compare lamps to jewelry pieces for the purpose of design, they're not the primary feature, but they can draw together or tear apart the look you're trying to create. The trick to choosing the perfect lamp for your room is to look for the one that is unique and combines both function and form.

Form and Function

Form refers to the appearance of a lamp while the function is the amount of light the lamp actually brings to the space. Lamps, of course, differ in shape, size, and design. The first step to selecting the ideal large ceramic lamps for any room is to make sure that the dimension of the lamp is in line and the contours of the interior space.

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Different kinds of lamps

The tips below have mainly focused on table lamps, but what if you'd like to put up a hanging chandelier or lamp, for instance in your dining room? 

Be sure, regardless of the design you pick the lamp itself is at least two feet higher than the table in your dining area or another surface. One of the last things you want your guests to be attracted by a bright beam at dinner time.

Within the contemporary lamp designs Materials like embossed porcelain or crystal are able to give an elegant style to your home, whereas the use of a lamp that has a polished or wood base can bring a sense of style and elegance to almost any room. 

It is important to make sure that the color and texture of the lamp's base won't clash with the furnishings the lamp is resting on.