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Hire Landscape Contractors in Maryland

Garden designers are usually devoted gardeners and knowledgeable about plants, especially perennials. They usually know the best plant suppliers in a given locale and can design and implement attractive gardens comprised primarily of plants.

Usually, garden designers are not builders and do not do hardscaping or take on major site alterations. Before hiring a garden designer, be sure the scope of the work you want done is within their capabilities. Ask to see a portfolio and to speak to references.

Landscape Contractor

A landscape contractor is someone who implements, or installs landscapes and will often also contract for garden maintenance. These can be very large operations with several trucks, various machines and pieces of equipment and a large crew of workers overseen by foremen or project managers or both. You can also choose Best Landscaping Services in Maryland & hire Local Landscaping Company online.

However, there are tens of thousands of landscape contractors, the majority comprised of a small staff, one or a few trucks and a couple of small tractors or backhoes. Sometimes a landscape contracting operation will have a designer on staff and offers designs at low or no cost. This is because they will make their money on the installation.

The larger the operation generally the more extensive are the tasks a contractor can undertake. These range from simply planting plants to building in-ground swimming pools, to landscaping entire developments.

Most landscape contractors have the capability of building masonry structures such as patios, walks and walls, wood structures such as arbors and decks and can either do or have other tasks done, such as installing irrigation or lighting systems.