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Know About Nicotine Salts

Vapers who have been around for a while will remember the days when e-juice was generally of high strength and generally weighed between at a ratio of 80 percent PG to 20 percent VG. In contrast, the majority of businesses prefer 70 percent of VG and lower levels of nicotine nowadays.

Since the introduction of Juul, there has been an additional trend of growth within the realm of e-juices. For example, nicotine salts are available today in many different flavors. One flavor that you can try is the Lemon Drop Salts.

Peach Salt

The majority of the e-liquids that are available on the market are made with "freebase" nicotine. It's basically "pure" nicotine and is the type of nicotine that has an impact on the body. The cigarette industry changed the formula for their tobacco making use of ammonia-based ingredients – the goal was in order to increase the quantity that freebase nicotine that is available to the user. 

Nicotine salts are a different kind of nicotine which is why it's present in tobacco leaves. It's a stable version of nicotine's molecule in which the freebase nicotine is typically mixed with a specific acid. 

The salts themselves do not have any effect, but through chemical reactions that happen in vaping or smoking or through the addition of other ingredients that companies add to their mix of ingredients, they could transform into freebase nicotine as you breathe.