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Are You Listening to Albert Einstein?

If you're like many people, then you feel that the future is crucial for both you and the organization you represent. Every board member likely shares your enthusiasm for the future. Does the board as a whole do enough thinking about, discussing, and making plans for the future?

Each Board is there to ensure the success of the organization in the near future. They are the guiding force to the company. Do you think waiting for the next generation to come around is the best strategy to lead homes & condos for sale in St Albert Alberta.

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Albert Einstein is credited with the quote, "I never think about the future. It will come in time." It is important to note that the speaker was an early 20th-century scientist than a leader of the 21st century.

It is worth thinking at the time that Einstein declared this fact nearly 100 years ago. A portion of his work laid the foundation for the rapid rate of innovation we experience nowadays in society and technology. As the leader, how can you direct your organization to ensure that it is able to benefit from the innovations Einstein created?

When we are in the position of leading an organization, we need to be thinking about the future. The rapid pace of change implies that if we don't consider the future, it is likely that the future will take over us, and we'll be playing the catch-up game.

Have you ever had a time when the board discussed what's to come, the development of our society, and the changes that are taking place in the business? How prepared is your board to discuss these topics? What is the willingness of your board to engage in discussions about the subjects?