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All About Meat Recipe

Meat is made up of water, protein, fat, and various minerals. How much fat depends on a number of factors, like where precisely the meat was cut from, what kind of animal, and the nutritional state of the animal when it was killed. The layer of external fat is generally cut off as waste. you can also learn delicious sausage meat recipes through various online sources.

The distinctive red color of meat comes from blood as it clings to the blood vessels even after being bled in the slaughterhouse. Initially, the blood pigments are purplish in color – it is only exposed to air they are oxidized to the distinctive bright red color.

The flavor, as well as the texture of meat, is dependent mostly on the fat content. Meat fat is not pure but consists of connective tissues and water. The meat fat will melt when heated, it is not soluble in water. Most are hard solids at room temperature, particularly fat from beef and mutton.

Various methods of tenderizing the meat exist – pounding, grinding, and cubing being the most significant. This breaks up the connective tissue that holds the meat together, and hence it becomes more tender. Meat is also generally "ripened" by hanging in cold storage facilities.

This is necessary as immediately after slaughter, the muscles tend to seize up in a state of "rigor mortis". After a time, this wears off and the meat becomes tender. Ripened meat is usually more juicer, a little grayer, and browns better when cooked compared to unripened meat.