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How Do People Get Affected By Melasma In Melbourne?

People get melasma when they have too much sun exposure. Sun exposure can cause the skin to become red, swollen, and tender. Melasma is also called solar lentigo or solar dermatitis. Melasma is most commonly seen in people between the ages of 25 and 50. It is more common in women than in men, and it tends to run in families.

Melasma is a skin condition that is caused by the overproduction of melanin. Melanin is a pigmentation that is responsible for darkening of the skin. Melasma can be temporary or permanent, and it can occur in any skin color.

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There are several possible causes of melasma. Some of the most common causes are genetics, sunlight exposure, lifestyle choices, and thyroid problems.

The most common treatment for melasma is topical medications such as hydroquinone or azelaic acid. These medications work by reducing the amount of melanin in the skin. Other treatments include laser therapy and cryotherapy (freezing the skin).

Melasma is a condition that causes the skin to become darker than usual. The most common type of melasma is called benign, meaning it doesn't have any serious consequences. 

If topical treatments aren't effective, doctors may recommend surgery. Surgery involves removing some of the dark skin cells using a laser or by using a scalpel. This can help improve the overall appearance of the skin.