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Why Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Important?

Since the earliest days of civilization, man has been in love with fire. After all, what's not to like about an element that can be used to keep one warm, cook food, and ward off wild animals? Of course, with this fascination came a healthy respect as mankind recognized that the same heat that could cook food and provide heat was also a destructive force that could destroy homes, crops, and surrounding areas in a matter of minutes. Could level it.

In recent years, these proactive measures of fire safety have evolved to combine technology with common sense. For example, it's a bad idea to leave the cooking on the stove, but if it does, the smart homeowner has a fire/smoke alarm to let them know something is wrong. Learn more about fire sprinkler system via

For some time, fire extinguishers were mainly seen in businesses, today many homeowners are choosing to install them in their residence as well. This is because studies have proven fire sprinklers to be one of the most effective ways to protect against fire damage. So, why should you have a fire sprinkler system? Consider these facts:

  • Most of the fires in America are in homes. The National Fire Protection Association (NPFA) reports that home fires account for 80% of fire deaths each year.
  • House fires show no difference between old or new homes. Rather, most home fires are caused by human error, combined with imperfections and sensitivities to the products in the home. (such as not cleaning the chimney or dryer vent properly)
  • Every family should practice fire drills regularly and be sure how to respond quickly and effectively in case of fire.
  • Fire sprinklers make up for human error better than any other type of fire prevention technology.
  • This is because a fire extinguishing system can respond to a fire immediately while it is still small and can quickly and efficiently control the spread of heat, flames and toxic fumes. A sprinkler system provides a life-saving cushion for a time-consuming escape.

A fire sprinkler system increases the market value of your home by 69%, and often reduces insurance rates as well.