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What is a Dual Battery System?

Dual battery systems are a type of vehicle battery system that makes use of an additional battery, in addition to the starter battery in the vehicle. This battery is utilized as a source of power for other equipment and other accessories. You can also search a query on google “best dual battery installations near me”.

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What is the DUAL BATTERY SYSTEM and how does it work?

In a dual-battery setup, the two batteries work as two separate systems. When your car's engine is operating, your starter battery will work alongside your alternator to power your vehicle's electronics and the engine.

If your vehicle is off, your battery provides power to all the equipment and other accessories that are connected to the vehicle, which means you'll be able to power your fridge, lights, or inverters without needing to maintain your engine.

This is made possible by the isolator function that separates the starter battery from the secondary battery, which means that you can only draw the power from one battery at a.

Maintaining the battery's independence from the other is vital to ensure that your starter battery doesn't become depleted and hinder your fourby from launching. The battery isolator will ensure that both batteries are charged promptly.

Be aware that certain 4×4 dual battery isolation systems will let your secondary and starter batteries work in tandem and boost the power of starting your vehicle if the primary battery suddenly decreases in voltage. However, this isn't the case for all isolator shows ever.

The battery you are using as an auxiliary is most likely to comprise a deeper cycle one. This is because these batteries have been designed to be recharged repeatedly. recharged without causing damage or reducing their life span.