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Why is it Important to Have Great Headshots

Q. What are actor Headshots and how are they used?

Actor headshot. This is a picture of the actor that is used as an aid in casting by Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, Directors, Producers, and anyone involved in the auditioning talent for the various markets in the entertainment industry. From the earliest Hollywood "Pub Shots" i.e. Publicity Shots to current Electronic Submission, professional model headshots from have become the currency circulating through the industries representing the actor in an attempt to be seen for the role.

An effective headshot is a mix of aesthetic value (it is fun to see and make the actor look good) and casting survival and clarity. Headshots are one of the most effective elements of an actor's arsenal in terms of "being seen for a role". A strong headshot can be an effective entrée into the offices of the people who hold the reigns of power in the entertainment industry.

A great headshot can not tell someone how talented you are, but it can define your qualities as an actor that in turn define the types of roles you should be playing. We have all heard stories of actors whose headshots have "gotten them in the door" of a big shot agent and launched a successful career.

Headshots are used in two primary forms, the reliable 8X10 reproduction and the rapidly growing Electronic Submission. The 8X10 reproduction is exactly what it sounds like, a print of the actor's headshot reproduced on 8X10 inch paper and usually printed in large quantities.