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Things You Should Keep In Mind When Considering a Dementia Care Home

If you have a senior loved one who has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be a lot to take in, to say the least. Surely, you have worries and concerns and only want the best for your loved one. One solution is to take a look at dementia care homes and see what they have to offer.

1.) A Touch of Home

The first thing that you should look for when researching senior living facilities is the style and presentation of the community. Typically, most people don’t like a clinical feeling environment. 

This works fine for a hospital, but not for a place that is going to be your permanent residence. Avoid care homes that have stark white walls, plain linoleum flooring, and harsh fluorescent lighting. You can even find the best memory care facilities for seniors in Rhode Island.

Instead, opt for a place that resembles a home. Colorful or warmly painted walls, soft carpet or unique tile, and lots of natural light or options for floor lamps and sconces. This will help your seniors feel like they are in a senior living community that is nurturing and inviting rather than clinical and cold. 

2.) Well-Trained and Competent Staff

Not all senior living facilities are built alike or serve the same purpose. In fact, when you’re looking for dementia care homes in Escondido, it is extremely important to choose one that specializes in helping those with memory loss issues, not just a standard assisted living community. 

Helping those with Alzheimer’s and dementia requires special training to be prepared for instances unique to memory loss. This can include handling issues such as dementia wandering, outbursts of anger or frustration, difficulty communicating, disorientation, and more. 

When touring the facility, inquire about its philosophy or mission statement. Make sure to look out for certain verbiage or phrasing that solidifies their promise to put the resident’s needs and care plan at the forefront of their priority list.