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What Type Of Knife Sharpener Is Right For Your Kitchen?

Whether you're shopping for a household or commercial kitchen, knowing which knife sharpener to use will help you determine whether your knife collection will last a year or years. If you're looking to invest money in building your knife collection, you need to learn a little bit about how to keep them sharp. Here's a quick and simple guide to knowing the difference between knife sharpeners – even if you need sharpening instead of sharpening.

There are four main types of sharpening/grinding rods: steel grinders, stone grinders, manual knife sharpeners, and electric knife sharpeners. Read more about the knife sharpeners how they work and how helpful they are in your kitchen.

Manual or Electric Knife Sharpener - Which Is Best?

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Sharpening Steel:

It is important to note that sharpening steel is actually a sharpening rod. The industrial term is sharpening steel, but that's just a misnomer for what a knife sharpening tool actually is. Sharpening steel is mainly used by chefs before and after using their knives. They help fix the blade and provide a perfect edge between cuts. The main difference in the type of sharpening steel used is the type of cut and the shape of the blade.

Sharpening Stone:

A whetstone, also known as a sharpener, is ideal for sharpening very dull knives. The sharp edge of the blade should be perpendicular to your stroke but can be placed on the rock at various angles to bring the blade to a new metallic finish. Sharpening stones are also surpassing for sharpening other odd razors and scissors. 

Hand Sharpener For Knife:

Hand-held knife sharpeners are an easy way to sharpen your knives, but at a lower cost than electric tools. Hand knife sharpeners are ideal for the traveling chef as they are easy to collect and transport.