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Best Socks for Men Express Personality

Dress code men can be moderately fashionable. How can you flaunt your personality when you have to commit to wearing pants, a T-shirt, and a tie day after day? One of the easiest ways for men to flaunt their authenticity is by wearing cool socks. And the cooler the better.

Why are cool men's socks a great way to express one's personality even under the strictest dress code? Because only those who use it know that their feet dance. In fact, no one else needs to look at a man's socks, unless he wants to. As a result, they help men adhere to the dress code in the workplace without stifling their artistic side. If you are looking for monthly sock subscription visit

Socks are a creative wardrobe outlet – in fact, the Wall Street Journal recently dedicated an entire article to them. Titled "Sock Rally: Ankles Show Their Crazy Side," the article emphasized that "creative socks are becoming a growing industry as new brands try to outdo each other with bolder designs."

Of course, the deluxe socks will incorporate fun and colorful diamond patterns, funky jacquard prints, tri-color mixes, and horizontal patterns. However, it will also provide men with sophisticated texture options that fit even the most formal settings.

Suit bearer, fear not! The gorgeous socks aren't just a cotton-poly-cotton blend, so there's no need to worry about one going over the dress code. In fact, socks come from many of the best manufacturers available on the market. When they visit a quality sock store, men will find socks made from cashmere, silk, wool, fine silk, and even alpaca.

What's even better about cool socks is that they allow men to go from a button-down office to a cozy night on the town with ease. No need to bring an extra pair of socks when you need a fun spot right after work hours.