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Basics of Passive Solar Design

Solar design is a design and construction style that utilizes the heat of the sun through the window facing south to provide most of the heating and cooling needed by the house.

By optimizing the position of the house, the position of the window, the position of the tree and bushes, the type of window selected, and other factors involved in building and designing the house, it almost eliminates or greatly reduces the need for the active heating system, both based on solar or electricity. You can get optimum solar design services from various web sources.

Passive solar design is also referred to as a climate design because it takes advantage of the climate and the surrounding area of the house to provide warming.

Some houses can be heated fully by the Sun, while others may need another warm-up method in relation to the passive solar method. In general, the passive solar design does not combine electric pumps, fans, or controls to keep the heat move through the house, but otherwise depends on non-electrical or solar power methods, including placement of goods at home.

There are several passive solar design elements. First, heat or energy must be collected. It is generally done through Windows placement, window type, window size and optimizes the direction faced by the house.

Furthermore, the placement of the wall and heat absorbent floor is also important to ensure the optimal sun absorption that comes through the window.

Third, walls and floors need to combine thermal mass, which is found under the floor and inside the wall. Thermal mass ensures that the heat of the sun is stored and maintained correctly.

Fourth, the house must include distribution methods to ensure the heat transferred through the house efficiently and comfortably.

Finally, hot control at home is very important. Passive solar design can use overhang, ventilation, shade, and other methods to control the amount of heat received by the house from the sun.