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Updates on South Asian Countries

South Asia is a region that includes India and Pakistan. This article is about the latest news in the region and how it will impact on the world.

There have been reports of increased violence and displacement in South Asia as a result of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. Some people are fleeing to India, while others are seeking refuge in neighboring countries such as Iran and Pakistan. If you want to know more about the recent updates in South Asia, then you must visit

India and Pakistan are battling each other in a tense border standoff. India has accused Pakistan of supporting terrorist groups, while Pakistan has warned India to stop its “aggression”. The dispute is ongoing and is causing tensions between the two countries.

The Maldives has declared a state of emergency after protests turned violent. Protesters are angry about the high cost of living and the government’s decision to increase taxes. The protests have so far killed one person and injured dozens.

 Nepal has been hit by a series of earthquakes in recent weeks. At least 33 people have died and more than 1,000 people have been injured. Officials say the quakes were likely caused by an earthquake that struck Iran last month.