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T-Shirts – Common Terms Explained

T-shirt makers use many terms to describe their goods. The phrases aren't always consistent and it will help to have a reference manual. If you want to purchase cotton heritage t-shirts visit .

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The next is the official Green Person T-Shirts Guide to knowing t-shirt conditions:

T-shirts manufactured from the 30s and 40s are softer, finer, and have greater drape than t-shirts manufactured from the 20s.

 Threads could be twisted together into heavier strands. 

Bamboo Fabric: Rayon produced from bamboo cellulose. Though rayon is a man-made synthetic substance, many experts agree it's easily biodegradable. Bamboo fabric is very soft and has an excellent curtain.

Bamboo: Quick growing plant, categorized as a bud, which is easily processed to rayon to generate bamboo rayon clothing.

Bleach Wash: A procedure that uses bleach to soften and discomfort the expression of the cloth is washed.

Boat Neck: an extremely wide neckline that runs round the collarbone area into the shoulder issues. Derives from ancient sailors' tops, where the broad neck allowed quick removal in the event the sailor fell overboard.

Boy Beater: Women's style response to the wife beater. A women's tank top, though it can be almost any color.

A chemical compound consisting of two carbon atoms and one carbon atom. Called a"greenhouse" gas due to its connection with global warming. A couple of t-shirt manufacturers are currently measuring and documenting the CO2 emissions involved with producing their tops.