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The Schwinn IC4 Is A Popular Peloton Bike Alternative

The Schwinn IC4 has been a popular Peloton bike alternative for many people because of it's lower price point and flexibility to use multiple memberships. Unlike a Peloton bike, the Schwinn IC4 can integrate with the Peloton Digital App for just $12.99 per month. In comparison you must pay $39 per month to use the Peloton All Access membership on genuine Peloton equipment. In addition to the reduced monthly subscription cost to own a Schwinn exercise bike and use the digital app, you also benefit from a lower up front purchase price. Peloton bikes cost well over $1,200, while the Schwinn IC4 can be purchased for less than $700 brand new. TailHappyTV has covered the Schwinn IC4 extensively on his YouTube channel as well has his website.

While the Schwinn IC4 has many positive things going for it, there are a few drawbacks. There seems to be an issue with the pedals coming loose and falling off if the customer does not properly tighten them in the assembly process. TailHappyTV created a separate video showing how to properly tighten the Schwinn IC4 pedals. Building this bike is also one downside. Compared to most stationary exercise bikes the Schwinn spin bike is a bit more difficult to build. The process can take about an hour or so depending on skill level.

If you're considering purchasing a Peloton alternative you may want to check out the Schwinn IC4 review from TailHappyTV to weight the pros and cons. There is an article on the TailHappyTV website as well as several videos on the YouTube channel.