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About DJI FPV Lenses

Pilots can race with First Person View (FPV), drones that stream to Goggles from their drone. The World Air Sports Federation hosts the international drone sports championships that have been immensely popular despite being affected by the global pandemic.

Whilst FPV drones are essential for sports and racing, they are also becoming popular with solo pilots, videographers, and Youtube content creators, as the first-person view is so immersive. You can also purchase DJI FPV lenses via

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Transmissions need to be as clear and latency-free as possible, which is why DJI has included High-gain antennas on the aircraft with three transmitters and four receivers to enhance the signal. The results are impressive with a stable, reliable video feed in HD.

According to the CAA you’ll need eyes on the ground with you if you lose line of sight when flying solo, with a spotter required to assist the pilot. 

This is because it’s hard to detect other aircraft in the vicinity while you’re wearing goggles which can of course be dangerous. All drones have to be registered as well, although at 795g this aircraft would be registered under old rules in any case.

DJI has made the usual accessories available with a spare FPV drone battery, FPV Propellers, prop guards, and replacement FPV goggles battery as well as an FPV Fly More kit.