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Roots Of Water Damage

Causes of water damage

There are several causes of water damage that increase the likelihood of damage, and these include water entering your home through damaged pipes or water washed away by storms. 

The two most likely causes of damage are infiltration and condensation. Infiltration is caused by water entering through cracks in walls, around windows, doors, or other openings. 

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It can also penetrate gaps in floorboards or carpeting along exterior walls. The second cause of damage is condensation: it occurs when warm, moist air hits a cold surface (eg the inside of a window). 

When the air cools below the boiling point of water, the moisture on the surface condenses into droplets that are transferred to your walls and floors. 

Damage can also be caused by the water used in the home: for example, water splashed onto the floor from the kitchen and washing machine; leaks from the bath or shower; water used for plants that seep into the carpet; removed from crates or bottles that fall to the floor.

If you suspect your home may be damaged, perform a systematic inspection of all affected areas as soon as possible after noticing drips on walls or other types of moisture (be careful not to alter the test results by touching any surface to fake it with wet hands).