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Wireless Phone Charging Explained

Wireless charging of phones is becoming more popular. It is expected to expand to workplace, public areas such as cafes and restaurants as well as airports, train stations and even in the home like wireless charging worktop. In this blog, it will be an explanation of what wireless charging is and how you can pick the most suitable wireless charger for you.

The idea of using a wireless charger isn't an entirely new concept. Wireless charging mats, pads and other products that are frequently used are gaining popularity, placing the technology in the spotlight and generating a lot of curiosity and demand. The market for wireless charging size was estimated at $6.51 billion as of 2018. It is predicted to grow to $40.24 billion by 2027.

What's the problem here, what's the issue? A lot of people and businesses are choosing the wrong charger due to the large range of options and their relative infancy in the marketplace. It is essential to understand the details of the wide selection of wireless charging pads that were popular in the past to pick the most appropriate one for your business or brand.

A power output of 5W is allowed through the Baseline Power Profile (BPP). Power outputs up to 15 watts can be permitted according to the EPP standard.

Medium power also provided with the Qi standard that is expected to enable as high as 200 Watts. Appliances for kitchens and robotics such as vacuum cleaners as well as power tools, are just a few examples of equipment larger than this standard.