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The Importance Of Naming Ceremonies

Namings are important.  They bring together family and friends to celebrate the arrival of a new member of the family, giving a sense of family unity and acknowledgment, helping to develop a bond towards the child and his or her family and friends.

Recognizing the role of grandparents, if any, and involving the child's siblings is a good idea to formally introduce them to the baby or child's life.

In honor of the event, baby naming certificates are given to the child, parents, grandparents, and godparents.

There are many different ceremonies that can be included in the naming of the Unity Candles Ceremony that depicts a parent or parent or godparent and illuminates the path that guides their child or godfather's steps through life.

The ceremony and blessing of water are very popular because water has been used in ceremonies as a symbol of life and to pass on spiritual values since ancient times. Blessing someone with water means wishing for growth and longevity because without water we cannot live, it is the only substance that comes in 3 forms, solid is ice, the liquid is water or steam.

Celebrant puts pure spring water in the palm of the child's hand, which is a bond for new life and purity and gives blessings and wishes the child health and happiness throughout his life.