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Tips for Renting a Vacation Home If You Are Disabled

If you have a disability, finding a home or buying an apartment can be more challenging. To ensure that your vacation rental is comfortable and enjoyable, you need to spend the time searching for the right property. 

These are some tips to help you rent a vacation home if your disability is not apparent.

It might take longer to find the right property for you. But don’t worry! It is possible to find the perfect vacation rental for you that will meet all of your needs and make you happy when you get back from vacation. 

You can also find ‘property management services online at’ ( also known as  ‘Immobilienverwaltung online beim’ in the German language).

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You will need to list all the things that you require in a vacation rental to make it comfortable. This could be home on the ground floor with wider hallways or a more open layout for easier navigation.

Look for a realtor with experience in working with disabled clients. A professional realtor will listen to what you want and explain why. They will also work with property managers and owners to ensure that the properties sent to you are worthy of your time. An experienced realtor will help you find the perfect vacation apartment.

You can search online for a realtor if you are not able to work with one. Many organizations offer services for disabled people, including sites that will help you find accessible rental properties. 

Ask the owner if there are any areas in the property that could be a problem. Asking questions can help you decide if a vacation home is right.

If the property isn’t as advertised, purchasing vacation insurance can help. Although vacation insurance will not help you find a vacation home right away, it can help you to get your money back.