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What makes Asphalt Sealcoat To Peel

Asphalt compaction is the most effective protection against bad weather and natural wear. Lack of suitable materials and methods for attaching the sealing layer puts the asphalt at a high risk of surface damage such as fading, discoloration, cracks, etc. 

In fact, peeling is one of the most common mistakes made due to a bad seal. If your pavement has recently been sealed and now shows signs of peeling, it is best to contact asphalt sealcoating and paving in Concord. They can help you by preventing this from happening the second time around.

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The most common reason for a peeled seal is lack of adhesion. And there are several reasons why this happened after the sealant was applied. Once you understand the origins of sealer coatings, it will be easier to keep the sealer from peeling off your property's pavement. 

Here are the two main reasons why the sealing layer cannot bond to the asphalt surface:

Dirty floor

If the asphalt surface contains oil stains, dirt, rust, and other contaminants, the sealant may not adhere well to the asphalt. Before applying the sealing layer, the asphalt surface must be cleaned methodically. 

Additionally, any areas that are oxidized should be treated with a layer of paper or a thin layer of sealant and grease removed with an oil stain primer. With a good working basis, the asphalt sealant will stick easily.

Cold temperature

If seals are used during winter, this may affect the yield if the curing process is carried out at low cold temperatures. Freezing temperature causes breakage of the sealing joint in the bottom layer of the film. This will also unlock the sealing shell.